Monday, August 20, 2018

60th Worldwide Sketchcrawl

60th Worldwide Sketchcrawl at Lofer, Austria

We went to maintain grandmother's grave, the only confirmed gravesite for our family in Europe so far. Mr. and Mrs. Rummel had done a wonderful job preserving and beautifying after Amanda Fletcher returned to England in 2013. Mr. and Mrs. Rummel both taught woodworking. They made this original cross and plaque for the grave which have endured since first constructed.

I made a sketch similar to this for
Mr. and Mrs. Rummel on their 40th anniversary
on World Wide Sketchcrawl day at my favorite place:
Bairu Park is full of Beech Trees and Limestone boulders.
It remains unchanged since I first played there in the 1970s.
(Sara calls this "Fairyland")
Their sketch is better quality-- and though unfinished--
it leaves to the imagination
what wonderful times might lay ahead.

More sketches from the picturesque Alpine village of Lofer: 

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