Tuesday, October 18, 2011

World Wide Sketchcrawl 33

Hi World Wide Sketchercrawlers! The Tallahassee group went to the "Junior Museum" (now known as the Tallahassee Museum of History and Natural Science) for World Wide SketchCrawl number 33. My first sketch is of a dinosaur made from metal car parts by artist Jim Gary (I drew this at the Jr. Museum after returning to Tallahassee --not really for the crawl, but related by location--after returning from my sister Jane's wedding to Bill in Ohio). My other 3 sketches are from THE official worldwide sketchcrawl day when I was still in Ohio: Nephew Casey on posing as "The Thinker" on a ball, a covered bridge (we ate excellent pizza in a restaurant in another covered bridge), and the gazebo under beautiful trees that lost their yellow leaves in the 50 mph winds on crawl day --(looks like the gazebo will blow over in my sketch)--the wedding had to be moved indoors). My last sketch is the support of an old log building. Our first contributions for World Wide SketchCrawl number 33 came from Mary Sterner Lawson who chose these 4: Bill Otersen's "Museum Critters" sketch just came in! Other sketches will be posted as they come in.