Saturday, July 30, 2016

52nd World-Wide Sketchcrawl: Tallahassee Florida USA sketchcrawlers

52nd World-Wide Sketchcrawl: Tallahassee Florida USA sketchcrawlers met at Lake Ella Park. 
 16 artists checked in with me! Great turnout!

Pokemon Players with Sketcher (Georgia) behind
by Mark Fletcher

 There are quaint stone-cottage specialty businesses, air-conditioned cafes/restaurants, clean public restrooms, benches in the shade of old oaks and new decorative landscape, plus the large pond with giant fish, turtles, ducks, plus dogs and their people. 
by Mark Fletcher

Quarter Moon Cottage
by Dottie Shearn

The weather was great in the morning, breezy and cool.

We met at Black Dog Cafe to enjoy each other's sketches and refreshments at noon. Then the heavy rain poured down, so hopefully Bill and Dede returned home safely on their long bicycle rides. At least the weather wasn't as hot as usual. A few of us spent the second half of the day sketching inside the cafe (the trees were dripping a lot) or at Barb's Brittles/ice cream shop with home-made ice cream.
Wishing Melinda a "get well soon" after her surgery!

PS We can also go early to the Tallahassee Museum on Sunday, July 31 for FREE: Simply tell the gate/admissions attendants you are there for sketchcrawl. Remember our "closing reception" is 4-6 pm arranged by Sarah W. : Punch and cookies will be served. If you didn't participate in the exhibit, you are still welcome. If you had art in the show, please take it home after the reception.

 Under the Oak Bough
by Bill Otersen

Cypress Knees and Ducks
by Mark Fletcher

Lake Ella Peninsula's Gazebo
by Christie Moore

Cafe Corner
 by Dede Harter

Dede and Paper-Lamp
by Mark Fletcher

Rabbit Comes Alive!
by Jennifer Nemo

Lichen, Twigs and Leaves
by Joyce Raichelson

Fox Tail Fern
by Joyce Raichelson

Pond Cypress Tree
by Barbara Psimas

Floating Turtle Platform
by Joyce Bastian

Seated Sketchers with Ducks
by Natalia Andreeva

Cypress Tree and Geese
by Mark Fletcher

by Jeff Zenick

Jean-Michelle and others
by Mary Sterner Lawson

The Climbing Tree
by Natalia Andreeva

Honking Goose
by Mark Fletcher