Sunday, July 26, 2015

Worldwide Sketchcrawl #48 at Railroad Square Art Park

We enjoyed Worldwide Sketchcrawl #48 at Railroad Square Art Park in the Heat Wave. Participating Artists Included: John Billingsley, Brianna Carroll, Jennifer Clinard, Melinda Copper, Jeff Distefano, Mark Fletcher, Nancy Holland, Bill Otersen, Barbara Psimas, Nicholas Rich, and Dorothy Stearns.
  I'm still waiting for some people to send me their images, but this will get us started:

Melinda and Jeff Z. by Mark

Munchies for Humans  (Black Dog Cafe's Pastry Case)
by Bill Otersen

Munchies for Squirrels by Mark Fletcher

Black Dog Cafe at Railroad Square
by Barbara Psimas

The Other Side
by Jeff Zenick

621 Gallery by Dorothy Stearns

Backpack by Bill Otersen

Jeff Z. by Bill Otersen

Jeff Z. by Mark Fletcher

Jennifer C. by Bill Otersen

Looking Up by Mark Fletcher

Magnolia Tree by Jeff Zenick

Thanks for the new pen, Bill O.!
by Mark Fletcher

Tree and Leaf
by Mark Fletcher

Viney Tree
by Mark Fletcher

Brianna C. sketching
by Bill Otersen

Dottie at the Cafe
by Mark Fletcher

Dry Leaves
by Mark Fletcher

Barbara sketching
 by Jennifer Clinard