Monday, November 07, 2011

"Call to Crawl" for the 34th Worldwide Sketchcrawl on January 21st 2012

Helllllllo Tallahasseeeeee! This your "Call to Crawl" for the 34th Worldwide Sketchcrawl on January 21st 2012 (that's 1/21/12 for all you numerologists). Location will probably be the Museum grounds--in light of our upcoming exhibit: maybe the rehab zoo there? still a lot of uncharted swamp and critters (and people)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

World Wide Sketchcrawl 33

Hi World Wide Sketchercrawlers! The Tallahassee group went to the "Junior Museum" (now known as the Tallahassee Museum of History and Natural Science) for World Wide SketchCrawl number 33. My first sketch is of a dinosaur made from metal car parts by artist Jim Gary (I drew this at the Jr. Museum after returning to Tallahassee --not really for the crawl, but related by location--after returning from my sister Jane's wedding to Bill in Ohio). My other 3 sketches are from THE official worldwide sketchcrawl day when I was still in Ohio: Nephew Casey on posing as "The Thinker" on a ball, a covered bridge (we ate excellent pizza in a restaurant in another covered bridge), and the gazebo under beautiful trees that lost their yellow leaves in the 50 mph winds on crawl day --(looks like the gazebo will blow over in my sketch)--the wedding had to be moved indoors). My last sketch is the support of an old log building. Our first contributions for World Wide SketchCrawl number 33 came from Mary Sterner Lawson who chose these 4: Bill Otersen's "Museum Critters" sketch just came in! Other sketches will be posted as they come in.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Watercolor Sketches; Curtains & Contrasts

Last class we talked about contrasts.
Your homework was to use curtains (or similar motif) to augment contrast effects using as many of the following as possible:
tone vs hue, line vs wash, neutrals vs intense colors, detailed vs generalized, use of contrasting media within a single artwork, sharp vs fuzzy, cinnamon vs sugar?!;
Here are a couple quickies: 1. looking out my back window at the first cool day in a long time, and another example 2. looking into the hot oven at a the first pie in a long time. [click on the images to enlarge]

The fresh pears were from Betty Magnuson's tree--thanks for the inspiration and dessert, Betty! yum!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

South Carolina State Parks Artist's Residency sketches

South Carolina State Parks honored me as Artist in Residence at

Keowee-Toxaway State Natural Area this summer. You really need to visit this gem--

fantastic views on mountain hikes from easy to strenuous at your doorstep; right in the middle of gorges and lake country with good fishing and more wonderful waterfalls than you can see in a lifetime--many 50-100 feet high.
I always recommend staying in state parks rather than hotels and K-TSNA confirms that; really a value (like all of SC state Parks) and with a great location. The cabin was very comfortable and big enough for extended family/friends (sleeps 10). Truly something for everyone (we had toddler to seniors with us): history and natural resources exhibits, art museums and galleries, Clemson University and the beautiful City of Greeneville are all easy day trips.

We really recommend camping here (either with hook-ups and clean, modern showers/facilities or primitive campsites on the lake's edge). Best to rent the cabin for at least a week--a real bargain for this area, especially if you share with family/friends.

Park Managers Kevin Blanton and Assistant Park Manager Michael Trotter are very helpful and know the area well. Accurate maps and printed info (including driving tours) are available at the Visitors' Center.

I'll just post a few of my 31 on-location sketches.
There's a lot more to do in the area than we managed this summer; all the things we did enjoy is too long a list to blog. We'd love to see the fall colors and the spring blossoming in this area--works by other artists show how unique this area is in each season. If we can't get back this fall, we are certainly going to SC next year!

Get more info/make reservations for South Carolina State Parks at

Sunday, July 31, 2011

On Top of the World (slide): Gigi's new swingset

Here are a couple of photos of Gigi's birthday present, a new swingset! It took Mommy and Mark about 6 hours to put together on a hot day (with indispensable the help of Auntie Jess who kept Active Girl distracted) but it was worth it--she loves it! Gigi could hardly keep still for one quick (and crude) sketch on Top of the World (slide).

Sunday, July 24, 2011

32nd World Wide Sketchcrawl July 23 2011

Dede Harter, Bill Otersen and Jeff Zenick at the Downtown Market (Photo by Mary Sterner Lawson).

Here's the 32nd World Wide Sketchcrawl results: I will post drawings from the Tallahassee group who drew at the downtown market and in the Challenger Space Museum as I receive them; first in was Dede Harter's "Lunar Lander" (with the yellow moon background). My sketches are from closer to home (Green Cay Wetlands; "cormorant & gator", "contour drawing of swamp", and "raccoon with firecracker flowers and swamp potato flowers"). Mary Sterner Lawson contributed "Sketchcrawlers at Callenger Space Center", "International Space Station", "Listening to music", "Downtown Market Visitors" and "Dede's cousin".

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Psychological Self-Portrait Show at Museum of Fine Arts

The Psychological Self-Portrait Exhibit at Florida State's Museum of Fine Arts opens Friday June 10th 7-9 pm and is up until July 8th. We artists will give gallery tours and talks 7-9 pm July 5th. I entered my large stoneware bottle with my poem-painting "The Story that is Me". I'll include a couple of greenware photos (top) since they are easier to see without the glare of the glaze.

Artopia and sketchin' with Jeff Zenick

I donated a lotus painting "Something Beautiful comes from the Mud" for Artopia [ ] from a hike & sketch trip with Jeff Zenick; my black and white trees are from our outing May 29, my first hike since I could walk again.

Stoneware Bottles

Some views of some of large (2 to 3 foot high) Stoneware bottles from the latest kiln load.