Saturday, January 21, 2012

34th Worldwide Sketchcrawl

Mary Sterner Lawson's photo collage of Sketchcrawl Tallahassee participants (and Museum Exhibits Specialist Sarah Wagoner [standing bottom left photo] who is the creative planner for our upcoming exhibit)

34th Worldwide Sketchcrawl: New member showcase: Tim White did amazing and rapid drawings of the pioneer architecture with his micron pen--wish you all could see his wonderful sketchbooks!
Tim White

Tim White

Our local Sketchcrawl group got together for the 34th International drawing marathon today. The Tallahassee Museum of History and Natural Science, one of our favorite and most inspirational sketchspots, hosted the group--offering free admission and a gallery exhibit of our sketches. Free admission to the park on Jan 29th after 2 pm and Feb 11th all day to anyone who comes to view the exhibit. Thanks Tallahassee Museum!
Participants today included, Jennifer Clinard, Mark Fletcher, Bill Otersen, Barbara Psimas, Mary Sterner Lawson, and Tim White.
Today Jennifer Clinard finished her sketch of our long-time animal friend Carmella the cow (who just recently passed away) by completing the background
Mark Fletcher's portraits/sketches of our new calf Maizey, with goats behind her
Bill Otersen captured the essence of the ever-moving emus
Bill Otersen can even draw while waiting in line for lunch!
Some members sketched despite difficult life circumstances today. Thanks for your efforts!
Other members who have drawn at the Museum and will be in the show Jan 29
include John Bevis, Sara Chang, Dede Harter and Jeff Zenick.
Mark Fletcher's sketch of Ann spinning stories and yarn
Jennifer Clinard's beautiful otter
Bill Otersen's vulture
Mark Fletcher's Blacksmiths
Barb Psimas' landscape
Mary Sterner Lawson's "The Sketchcrawlers"
Mary Sterner Lawson's "The Little Candlemakers"
Mary Sterner Lawson's "Heating the Parafin for Candlemaking "
Mary Sterner Lawson's "The Contemplative Chandler"
Although she did not join us at the Tallahassee Museum crawl, Joyce Raichelson's drawing is in the spirit of Sketchcrawl and we hope she will come with us next time. Joyce drew this scene at Dorothy Oven Park.
If anyone sketched on their own in the Tallahssee area outside the museum on this worldwide art day, please email your jpgs to me at my email for posting at

Monday, January 16, 2012

2 Exhibits!

Check out both exhibits!

Sketchcrawling @ the Museum

January 27--February 26, 2012

Reception: January 29, 2:00--4:00 pm

Tallahassee Museum