Saturday, May 16, 2015

First Place at Summer Annual Exhibit May 15--July 10, 2015, AND First Place in the Big Cypress National Poetry Contest

First prize winner!
Check out the show at FSU Museum of Fine Arts!
(thanks for posting the above, Sara)

Sara also had a artwork in the Museum of Fine Arts exhibit combining images
 from our tour of Salisbury Cathedral in England and
one of her portrait models:

Below=close-up of my poem-painting "I Know an Owl" and details:

I also won the Big Cypress National Poetry Contest with my work "The Unnamed Roads of Water-world".  (different poem from the Poem-Painting "I Know an Owl", above)
( Big Cypress National Poetry Contest: click on link
 [This new poem-painting "I Know an Owl" (2 images, 1 with text above), has a different poem from the
National Parks Contest
 "The Unnamed Roads of Water-world". ]

We have a new baby owl at our
wonderful Tallahahassee Museum's
 animal rehabilation center.
Plus the Poem relates to I Heard the Owl Call My Name which I re-read recently as part of my visual arts
mentoring work with local students at
 FSU Schools with Eileen Lerner and Raa Middle School through Sam Thompson. Thanks Eileen and Sam!
The detail photo is of a little blue bird I copied from one of Mom's mother's collages to put in the painting in her memory.
 I started the painting on Mom's birthday.
 I hope you have a good Memorial Day weekend, too.