Sunday, October 20, 2013

WORLD WIDE SKETCHCRAWL number 41 at the Tallahassee Museum

WORLD WIDE SKETCHCRAWL number 41:       view world results at:      
    The Tallahassee World Wide Sketchcrawl members meet at the Tallahassee Museum for sketching occasionally. This is a big park-like environment featuring spacious natural habitats for varieties of mostly local wild animals. Many of these wonderful animals have been rescued or are in need of special/medical care provided by expert staff and volunteers. The museum grounds also feature many original historic buildings moved here from other locations including the Princess Murat's home, a church and schoolhouse. Miles of trails punctuated by sculptures take you through natural wetlands . A farm with beautiful domesticated animals is maintained by staff and volunteers. Specialists in costume demonstrate the old ways of life and share their deep historical knowledge. All year we enjoy the various exhibits and activities of the museum galleries. The Art and Education Director Natasha Hartsfield has been a great help to sketchcrawl. Curators Linda Deaton and Sarah Wagoner have honored us with two exhibits. Thank you, Museum staff!
 This year World Wide Sketchcrawl coincided with the Museum's "Halloween Howl", hence some creepy decorations along the trails.

Mule Yard by Mark Fletcher

Sketchcrawlers (L to R) Ellen Peyton, Mark Fletcher, Dorothy Leukanech, John Bevis
Others who participated but are not in photo are: Jennifer Clinard, Christl Grow, Gerald Grow, Linda Dodson, Jeret Madei, Bill Otersen, Cynthia Phillips, Joyce Raichelson, Ann Stevens, Brandon and Eric Swims.

hay loft over cow by Ellen Peyton

scary (?) Hallowe'en decorations on trail

Deer by Mark Fletcher

Portrait of ? on Etch-a-Sketch by Jennifer Clinard

Turkeys by Mark Fletcher

Cabin Door by Ellen Peyton

"Cindy Bear" on deck by Mark Fletcher

Cabin Porch by Linda Dodson

Spooky Hallowe'een Clown house

Rocking Cradle for a Baby in Pioneer Cabin by Mark Fletcher

Tree Beyond Fenced Yard by Bill Otersen

Tree frog by Gerald Grow

Fence and Barn by Joyce Raichelson

Deer looking over shoulder (saying "Good-Bye"?) by Dottie Leukanech

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Salon of Six September 6--28, 2013

Mark will be exhibiting new and recent work in this group exhibit at Lemoyne ( Opening reception is First Friday September 6, 6--9pm. Come out to see the show!
Gallery talk will be Saturday, September 7, 1--3pm! Come out to meet the artists!

Thursday, August 01, 2013

World Wide Sketchcrawl #40: Tallahassee, Florida and London

Better late than never! We met up with Tom Dow, Alena, Neil and Chris for World Wide Sketchcrawl #40 from July 13, 2013 in London. Great to spend time with such interesting and accomplished artists!
Alena Kudryashova, Mark, Sara Chang, Neil W., Tom Dow, Chris

We sketched under the vaulted arches of Somerset House (famous post-impressionists' Courtauld collection) and along the banks of the River Thames,
followed by the Victoria Embankment Park.

We then headed to the famous "Narrow Pub" to meet up with "Drawing London on Location" group.

Meanwhile, in Tallahassee, Mary Sterner Lawson made these great drawings on WWSC #40 at St. John's Church:

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

One Million Bones in DC June 8, 2013

In addition to participating in One Million Bones locally in Tallahassee, Mark also participated in the project in Washington DC

Monday, July 01, 2013

FLOR500 June 7--30, 2013

Many thanks to the Walkers who purchased Mark's platter, Ashe's Magnolia, from the FLOR500 exhibit at 621 Gallery!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer Annual Exhibit June 14--July 19, 2013

These pieces are now being exhibited at the Artists' League Summer Annual at the FSU Museum of Fine Arts. Mark won honorable mention for Long Leaf Pine Aniwah and a professional development award. Check out the show!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Generations May 10--July 12, 2013

Mark is now exhibiting in a group show titled Generations. He is showing his work alongside his grandfather's poems and grandmother's collages. Check it out! The exhibit is at the FSU Museum of Fine Arts:

Sunday, April 14, 2013

World Wide Sketchcrawl number 39

Today was World Wide Sketchcrawl number 39: to see sketches from around the world done on the same day go to go to Forum on the menu bar and the choose the sketchcrawl you want to see. A long scroll of participating cities will follow. Or try this shortcut to sketchcrawl #39:

 Tallahassee artists met at the Goodwood Plantation Museum and Gardens to draw. Participants included Jennifer Clinard, Melinda and Bob Copper, Linda Dodson, Mark Fletcher, Mary Sterner Lawson, Robert Lide, Bill Otersen, Ellen Peyton, Barb Psimas, and Ann Stevens; (Sara Chang forgot her equipment and got caught up in the heirloom plant sale frenzy). The Ashe’s Magnolia was in bloom with its giant leaves and flowers; the magestic live oaks, the historic architecture and crowds of plant sale customers were also good subjects to draw. Weather was perfect and we enjoyed a picnic lunch together learning a bit about each others’ fascinating lives.
by Mary Sterner Lawson

by Barbara Psimas

by Mary Sterner Lawson

by Ellen Peyton

by Mary Sterner Lawson

by Ellen Peyton

by Mary Sterner Lawson

by Mary Sterner Lawson

by Mary Sterner Lawson

(Left to Right) Barbara, Mark, Bob, Melinda
photo by Jennifer Clinard

(Left to Right) Barb, Robert, Linda, Bill, Ann, Ellen, Mary, Mark, Jennifer 
photo by Peggy Adair

 above by Jennifer Clinard

above by Mark Fletcher

above by Mark Fletcher

above by Mark Fletcher

above by Mark Fletcher

several open  books by Tallahassee Sketchcrawlers

by Dede Harter (drawn in Tom P.'s living room on WWSC day)

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Spring Trip to Berea College, KY: April 3--6, 2013

We traveled to Berea College, KY this week to take down Mark's show, Poetry of Trees, at the Doris Ullmann Galleries. We got to see beautiful blooming cherry and bradford pear trees in GA and TN!