Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Essential Nature III, April 13--May 3, 2008

On Sunday, April 13, we and Ann Kozeliski drove to Chipola College in Marianna to set up Essential Nature III. Many thanks to Jackie Boulanger who organized this exhibit. After our lunch at Jim's Buffet, a Southern cuisine restaurant, Mark and I went to the FL Caverns State Park to tour the caverns and hike on a trail. It was a very pleasant spring day!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Painting Workshop with Henry Wo

This past weekend, Mark attended a 3-day Chinese ink painting workshop by Henry Wo. He is internationally known (www.henrywo.com). We traveled to Mobile, AL, along with fellow Swamp Buddha, Mary Beth Zeni, to attend the workshop. While Mark and Mary Beth painted, I went sightseeing at the Mobile Botanical Garden and Mobile Museum of Art. I also observed during the workshop and photographed some students and Mr Wo demonstrating. It was a fun-filled weekend!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Like Grandma, Like Grandson

Mark is in the process of creating 3 mini-installations for the upcoming exhibit, The Story, at the FSU Museum of Fine Arts (opens May 9, 2008). He is connecting his own poetry, paintings and sculptures to his maternal grandma's 3 handmade books (created in Europe during the Nazi era). Here, he is creating a vase with imagery from his grandma's book, Princess Sunshine. His grandma was an artist and his grandpa was a poet. This project is an opportunity to honor his grandparents who were victims of the Holocaust and his mom who is a Holocaust survivor.