Saturday, January 19, 2013

38th World Wide Sketchcrawl!

The Tallahassee sketchcrawl members meet at the Tallahassee Museum for sketching frequently. This is a big park-like environment featuring spacious natural habitats for varieties of mostly local wild animals. Many of these wonderful animals have been rescued or are in need of special/medical care provided by expert staff and volunteers. The museum grounds also feature many original historic buildings moved here from other locations including the Princess Murat's home, a church and schoolhouse. Miles of trails punctuated by sculptures take you through natural wetlands . A farm with beautiful domesticated animals is maintained by staff and volunteers. Specialists in costume demonstrate the old ways of life and share their deep historical knowledge. All year we enjoy the various exhibits and activities of the museum galleries, whose professional curators Linda Deaton and Sarah Wagoner have honored us with two exhibits. Thank you, Museum staff!

Most sketchcrawlers made 4 to 8 drawings. They were all so good it was hard to choose one each for this blog. Check for more images as they are added or go to and see what people around the world were sketching on the same date we were!

 (photo by Sara Chang) Left to Right: Tim, Bob, Dede, Roger, Mary, Amy, Mark, Bill, Maria, Barbara, Melinda, Joyce; (not pictured here=Susan and Sara)

 Mary Sterner Lawson

Joyce Raichelson

Joyce Raichelson

 Mary Sterner Lawson

 Mary Sterner Lawson

 Mary Sterner Lawson

 Mary Sterner Lawson

                                                                  Amy Koontz Knippel

                                                                       Barbara Psimas

                                                                          Bill Otersen

                                                                          Bob Copper

                                                                       Maria Balingit

                                                                        Mark Fletcher

                                                                      Melinda Copper

                                                                  Mary Sterner Lawson

                                                                     Susan Swihart

                                                                    Roger Messimer

                                                                         Tim White

Mark Fletcher (I added this one today to say thanks to Manfred in Austria  for the refillable brush-pen he gave me: I used it today, and actually, almost everyday!)

                                                         Bill Otersen (photo by Sara Chang)

                                                     Dede Harter  (photo by Sara Chang)

                                                     Maria Balingit  (photo by Sara Chang)

                                                    Susan Swihart  (photo by Sara Chang)

Friday, January 04, 2013

Upcoming 2013 Exhibits!

January 11--31, 2013
Faculty Show
FAMU Foster-Tanner Art Gallery

January-February 2013
Nomads Art Gallery, Tallahassee

February 3--March 10, 2013
Sketchcrawling @ the Museum II
Phipps Gallery
Tallahassee Museum of History and Natural Science

February 24--April 7, 2013
Poetry of Trees
Doris Ulmann Galleries
Berea College, KY

May 2013
FSU Museum of Fine Arts

September 6--28, 2013
Salon of Six
LeMoyne Center for the Visual Arts