Thursday, June 09, 2011

Psychological Self-Portrait Show at Museum of Fine Arts

The Psychological Self-Portrait Exhibit at Florida State's Museum of Fine Arts opens Friday June 10th 7-9 pm and is up until July 8th. We artists will give gallery tours and talks 7-9 pm July 5th. I entered my large stoneware bottle with my poem-painting "The Story that is Me". I'll include a couple of greenware photos (top) since they are easier to see without the glare of the glaze.

Artopia and sketchin' with Jeff Zenick

I donated a lotus painting "Something Beautiful comes from the Mud" for Artopia [ ] from a hike & sketch trip with Jeff Zenick; my black and white trees are from our outing May 29, my first hike since I could walk again.

Stoneware Bottles

Some views of some of large (2 to 3 foot high) Stoneware bottles from the latest kiln load.

Fired Aniwah Sculptures

Here are some of my finished stoneware Aniwah. See this blog's archives ["Aniwah Workshop"] for a step-by-step on how I made the little 12 inch fish (at the top) in recent clay classes I taught at TSC and FAMU. The big (24 to 36 inch) Aniwahs stand vertically like the Japanese funerary sculptures ("Haniwah") that inspired these commentators on loss of species. "Aniwah" is just a punny nickname I came up with to suggest "Animal-Haniwa" and add some comic relief.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Artists' League Summer Annual June 10--July 8, 2011

Come out to see the show! I have one stoneware bottle in it--"The Story that is Me". The reception is at the FSU Museum of Fine Arts, Friday, June 10, 7--9 pm.