Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Pranas and Planter

Here are some other new wares recently released from the hot kiln!

Givhans Gator is Finished!

Hooray! Givhans Gator made it through the firing without cracking apart! So now he'll be ready to be shipped off to Givhans Ferry State Park, SC. This is part of the agreement to serve as Artist in Residency with the SC State Park system. Pictured are Givhans Gator at bisque stage (orange) and final stage (reddish brown).

New and Improved Bunnies!

Here are some new bunny wares, including a newly designed Double Bunny bowl. Would Toba be proud of Mark? When Kent Griffin saw the double bunny bowl at the bisque stage, he laughed heartily and wanted to purchase it after it's finished. So if anyone out there who would also like a double bunny item, please let us know!

Extended Cylinder--25"!

This cylinder was a demo began at a LeMoyne class. It's about 25 inches tall!