Saturday, January 25, 2014

World Wide Sketchcrawl number 42!

World Wide Sketchcrawl number 42 had our best turnout ever! Tallahassee Museum, again our sponsor, is a huge place so I didn't see everyone, but 15 signed in with me, a dozen joined our lunch forum, and the gatekeeper said 36 registered participants were somewhere on the grounds!
(Left to Right) Joyce Raichelson, John Billingsley, Robert Lide, Susan Stelzman, Dede Harter, Jennifer Clinard, Maria Balingit, Barbara Psimas,
 Mark Fletcher, Mary Sterner Lawson
(Not Pictured above, but probably pictured below: Linda Dodson, Natalia Andreeva, Tim White, David Gauldin, Mary Liz Tippin-Moody, David Gauldin, Olivia Lefils,  Ananda Balingit-Lefils, Sarah Wagoner )
All Possible Sketchcrawlers by Mary Sterner lawson
GAME: can you match the person's likeness in the photo to portrait in Mary's sketch?
10 points for Griffindor!

Caboose by Mary Liz Tippin-Moody

Penny the Pig by Mark Fletcher

Goat by Natalia Andreeva

Sheep by Maria Balingit

Cow Leg thru a Fencepost by Mary Liz Tippin-Moody

Cabin by Robert Lide

Duck in a Tree by Joyce Raichelson

Rustic Architecture by Tim White

Farm Fence by Mary Liz Tippin-Moody

Turkey by David Gauldin

Table by Dede Harter

Mr. Turkey by Mary Liz Tippin-Moody

Fox by David Gauldin

Woods by Dede Harter

Little Boy by Mary Sterner Lawson

Line for the Zipline by Mary Sterner Lawson

Cabin by Mark Fletcher

Bonnet on Chair by Jennifer Clinard

Table by Mark Fletcher

Sheep by Mary Liz Tippin-Moody

Gate by Mark Fletcher

Sabre Tooth Tiger Skull by Barbara Psimas

Sheep Portraits by Mary Liz Tippin-Moody

Shed by Barbara Psimas

Commissary by Tim White

Big Cypress National Preserve Artist-in-Residence 2013-2014

Big Cypress National Preserve Artist-in-Residence 2013-2014:
I was honored to serve as the Big Cypress National Preserve Artist-in-Residence 2013-2014;
my first National Parks residency after enjoying 7 years at the state level.
 Here are just a couple of the many, many sketches and paintings I was able to do on-site thanks to the excellent Rangers, staff and long-term volunteers. More images and more proper thanks to my BiCy friends later.