Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

For Christmas, we had dinner at Ana and Ron's. The menu included oven-roasted turkey (marinated by Mama Chang) (a tradition that goes back at least 20 years), asparagus with hollandaise sauce, seasoned roasted potatoes, Alton Brown (Food Network chef) turkey dressing. Our good friend, Jessica, joined us for dinner.

Christmas Eve at the DeCarolis'

For Christmas Eve, we were invited to the DeCarolis' home (neighbors of Ana and Ron) for real, home-cooked Vietnamese food! There were shrimp with vegetables, rice noodle with fish sauce, potato salad, fried rice, etc. Stan gave out baseball caps and everyone exchanged small gifts. Ana baked a delicious rum cake.

Delray Christmas

On Saturday, 12/23, Ana and Ron treated us to a gourmet meal at 32 East restaurant in downtown Delray. Afterwards, we viewed the city-sponsored 100-ft Christmas tree and strolled the main avenue, Atlantic Ave. It was packed with people and tourists!