Sunday, January 21, 2007

New Prana Mugs!

Thanks to Gina and Rob Byerts' commission for more gator items, which inspired our trip to St Marks National Wildlife Refuge for sketching. Crawling across these mugs, you can see some results from this adventure. Soundtrack for the expedition and studio work sponsored by the great Del Suggs; buy his new CD Wooden Boat asap! ( I highly recommend it (5 tracks from his classic Saltwater Music included). Also, more thanks to Kent Griffin for his continuing support of Turtle Hill (impetus was a raccoon who "mugged" his Heaven and Earth mug), which led to this new and improved design.

Monday, January 15, 2007

What? More Gator Sketching?

A customer had commissioned Mark for 2 gator mugs and since this was a long weekend, we decided to visit the St Marks National Wildlife Refuge to get some inspiration.
Naturally, there were gators lounging around for visitors to gawk at them. We even saw baby gatorland, in addition to great egrets, night herons, wood storks and Mark was lucky enough to see 2 playing otters. Afterwards, we lunched at Riverside Cafe.